Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Staying safe and cool in the summer

In these hot temperatures please remember to keep your pets safe. Just the other day in Arizona, a pet bird named Rusty was left in a truck for too long and was unresponisve by the time firefighters were able to intervene. Fortunately Rusty survived with medical intervention; but many pets are not so lucky. Never leave your pet in the car - even if you are leaving them for just a few moments.

When you walk your dog in the summer; be sure you have plenty of fresh water available for her.  Even if you dont feel thirsty, your furry friend might need a cool break. Especially in Arizona, make sure the surface you are walking on isnt hot enough to burn her paws! You may want to invest in dog booties.

  Gator was really ready for a water break here!
Cooling off by a fountain in DC:

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